1. Credit Card
    We accepts VISA,American Express or Master Card Payment。

  2. Is it safe to pay by credit card?
    Absolutely safe. Because credit cards use encrypted servers to process related payments, and credit card details are not stored on our servers.

  3. In which currency will my order be settled?
    All orders are settled by Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).

  4. Note on overseas credit card payment
    Please note that the settlement of our website transaction is Hong Kong. When an overseas credit card (ie, a non-Hong Kong issuing bank’s credit card) is used to pay for an order, the credit card issuing bank may charge a foreign currency transaction fee, and the foreign currency transaction fee will be paid by the customer. For details on foreign currency transaction fees, please contact your credit card issuing bank.


  1. 信用卡
    接受VISA,American Express或Master付款結帳。

  2. 使用信用卡付款安全嗎?

  3. 我的訂單將以哪種貨幣結算?

  4. 海外信用卡付款注意事項